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We know you have a lot of ways to spend your summer, but we encourage you to invest your summer, not just spend it. Of course we love the investment camping can be, so we want this website to be a resources to see if Sky Ranch is a fit for you. We hope you will find it informative in figuring out if you want to use your summer to forever impact the lives of campers.

Sky Ranch summer staff create an environment where kids feel safe and loved; a place where they don’t feel like an afterthought, but that they are the most important thing. One of the best things about being a summer staffer is giving each camper the opportunity to have a conversation with a Godly man or woman (that’s you!) that will challenge, motivate, and encourage them in their own pursuit of God. If you want to use your summer to show kids the joy of being who God created them to be while swimming, zipping, creating crazy cabin cheers or taking a pie to the face, then come join our Sky Ranch family!

_MG_7238Our Heroes
If you’re looking for a summer job that lets you influence and minister to others while having fun, we have the opportunity for you. Sky Ranch Summer Camps is the perfect place for young men and women of character to impact the lives of campers. The structure of our program is different than most. Through our decentralized program, our counselors are connected with the same small group of kids 24 hours a day for their entire stay. Instead of running activities, a counselor’s job is to build relationships through participating in the activities with their campers. If you are a counselor, the power of your evangelism and discipleship lies in the lifestyle you show them throughout the course of each day. Bible studies are a part of it, but can you model Christ in the small things 24/7? We are not looking for perfect people. However, we are seeking young people with a passion for knowing the perfect character of Christ and being transformed by it. We treat our staff as part of the mission of growth we are called to and not a means to an end. We want to be part of your life, not just your summer.

Day in the Life of a Counselor
This is just a taste of what one of your days might look like if you are a counselor at our Van, Tx site. Click HERE.

Staff Expectations
Here is a list of some of the things we expect and require of our summer staff family. Click HERE.

Ministry to our Staff
Your summer camp experience will be one that you will have to lean on God to get you through. No matter what position, you will be stretched in ways you’ve never been stretched before. Our goal is to invest in you as we walk together through the summer and learn to rely on God together. To see some of the ways in which we pour into our staff. Click HERE.