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Staff Ministry

At Sky Ranch, we have come to understand that there are two equal life transforming ministries occurring each summer! There is what God is doing in the heart of campers and there is the work being done in the lives of our summer staff.

Therefore, we do not see staff as a means to an end, but a vital part of our mission as well. Because of this, we go to great lengths to make sure each student who serves with us make four vital connections during their time with us. These connections facilitate spiritual growth in this unique environment.

Scholarships Session 5 2013-19

   Purpose of God

   Person of God

   Precepts of God

   People of God




Workplace Discipleship:
Purpose of God: Your ministry is your learning laboratory.

First and foremost, this is a mission. We are called to battle. The ministry to staff begins with a daily surrender to service. We realized that God transforms us through workplace discipleship while on mission. The goal of our leadership is to coach you through your experience int a way that allows you to see how God is using this experience to refine and shape your character and understanding of him.

Staff Worship:
Person of God: We seek to live an uncommon lifestyle of worship. We desire to move beyond worship services to a day-to-day, moment-by-moment worship-filled life. However, we also begin and end each week with a staff time of corporate worship.

Scholarships Session 5 2013-12

Staff Church:
Precepts of God: Seeking a Biblically informed lifestyle.

Although Summer Camp is not a good environment for in depth Bible Study and exposition because of intense demands on time. We seek to create an environment that is a praxis of Biblical precepts. Our job is to connect the dots between the Word and deed so that the principles of scripture are internalized through their application in real time experiences. Staff are given an hour every day, a “Selah” night each week, and Sunday morning church as opportunity to consider the Word.

Community Groups:
People of God: Relationship with people who have been there.

We believe in the power of vital relationships that stimulate spiritual growth. Therefore, each student will meet with a group of peers each week. Groups are led by someone from the local community.

52: “Renew, Refine, Rebuild”

We want to be part of your life, not just your summer. So we begin each new year together at a special retreat at our camp in Texas called “52”. The number represents Nehemiah’s amazing work to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem in only 52 days through a fervent seeking of the Lord, a good plan, and God’s sovereign guidance.

At 52, we take the time to start the year off helping each other by fervently seeking His will for our lives so that we can plan well for the months that follow. By devoting ourselves to the teaching of the Word, personal time with the Lord, worship, and fellowship, we find clarity for the journey.Scholarships Session 5 2013-55