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52 comes from the story of Nehemiah where he discovered the state of the wall of Jerusalem and God did an amazing work of restoration in just 52 days. Nehemiah’s journey before the construction was one of a servant that sought wisdom and guidance as his passion met God’s purpose.

For a college student this retreat should be a time for them to renew the relationship with the Lord, refine their strategy for living effectively for him, and catch a vision to rebuild the community of believers in which God has placed them. It will not only be an amazing time to focus on community, intentional relationships, and honest introspection, but also a time to have a blast before the world cranks back up again.

WHO: All past and present college staff!

WHERE: Sky Ranch at Horn Creek  | 6758 County Road 130, Westcliffe, CO 81252  | 719.783.2205

WHEN: January 2-6, 2018

COST: $150