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Day in the Life of a Counselor

Your “alarm” – the rustling of a cabin full of eager campers – wakes you. You and your co-counselors proceed to get your campers ready for a day full of crazy activities. On your way to breakfast, you loudly hail the chant of your cabin in hopes of intimidating every other cabin on camp. At breakfast you sit down to a plethora of breakfast options… cereal, yogurt/granola, pancakes, or biscuits and gravy. After you have had your fill of  food, your cabin strolls down to the lake for the first round of morning water activities, jet skis, Skywaii, the super slide, canoes, or waterslides. The last canoe has been docked and now it’s on to the highly anticipated rope activities, like the cord, the ziplines, the giant swing, the pole, pendulum, or rockwall. Your final camper has just been belayed back down from the pole and it’s time to head up to the dining hall for some good ol’ corn dogs or Sky burgers.

After lunch, the cabin will go to met their age group at Pow-Wow for some song time, messy counselor challenges, and a charge from the Sky director. The Party Pool, complete with blob, twisty slide, mushroom waterfall, trapeze, and water polo, will host your cabin for the next hour or so. After cooling off at the pool, your campers will go back to the cabin for your small group Bible X time. It is the hour of the day that can be used as a spring board for one-on-one conversations at the rest of the day’s events. You and your co-counselors will take your camper through a curriculum that we have designed to share the love, life, and hope that Jesus Christ offers everyone. The afternoon will finish with some more activities, like crafts, laser tag, cracker barrels, horses, etc. On your way back to the cabin take showers, you get sabotaged by another cabin with water balloons and shaving cream… but don’t worry, you and your co-counselors plan an even better raid for the next day.

Dinner comes and the rest of the evening may be spent running around in the woods with a mission to rescue camp from Myrtle and her pesky Raptor spies… or playing carnival games and jumping in the bounce house with all of the little cowgirls and cowboys. At the end of the night, you and your co-counselors find yourselves back in your home, your cabin, with your new friends ready to get some sleep so that you can be ready for the exciting adventure that tomorrow holds as a day in the life of a Sky Ranch counselor.

A typical schedule…

8:00am     BreakfastScholarships Session 5 2013-100

8:40am      Jet Skis

9:50am      Bible X

11:00am    Skywaii

12:10pm     Lunch

12:50pm    Pow-Wow

3:10pm      Cracker Barrel

4:20pm      Vertical Playground

5:30pm      Dinner

7:00pm      Night Event

10:00pm    Back to Cabins